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Peer Elsho Paintkiller
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Peer Elsho PaintkillerI startet airbrushing in 1985, since 10 years as a professional. Best regards! Peer

favourite artists:
There are so many to mention... Ok, only some: Helnwein, Giger, Kaspar David Friedrich, Kalli Haun
favourite books:
Das Boot, Wir ertrunkenen, Dictionary german/english
favourite movies:

favourite comics:
Asterix,, Tin Tin (Tim und Struppie)
favourite music:
Metal, Klassik, EBM, Gothik
Riding my bike & bicycle, Airbrush, listen to music
favourite dishes:
Oh, oh..... I eat a lot!!! ;-) classic german food (wich is not limited on sauerkraut)
fish mediteranean and nothern europe style

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Rihanna "Rihanna" (Airbrush / Illustration)
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