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Dennis Mathewson
member since April 21, 2008
United StatesHonolulu,Hawaii

Dennis MathewsonDennis Mathewson has been airbrushing and custom painting for nearly forty years. He is president of his busy custom paint shop in Honolulu called, Cosmic Airbrush. Well known in the industry for his vibrant use of color and island inspired artwork, Dennis also has a signature line of custom paint manufactured by the Alsa Corp and his popular template line manufactured by Artool. Recently, his career has expanded into the fine art world with his highly desired paintings gracing the walls of upscale galleries located in Honolulu as well as Lahaina, Maui. Dennis also instructs airbrush and custom paint classes globally in Asia, Europe and across the U.S. For decades, Dennis has written for dozens of magazines and periodicals in the U.S. and Europe featuring his work and detailed step-by instruction how-to articles. Aside from the fame he has gained worldwide as a talented artist, instructor and writer, Dennis is also known for his constant smile, friendly demeanor and a never-ending willingness to help others. To contact him or to view some more of his artwork, visit his website at:

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