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Josh Bourassa
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United StatesDenver

Josh BourassaI have been airbrushing for about 25 years. I now run my own motorcycle paint business, True Kustom. I dont participate in any purist perspective, I treat the airbrush as a tool to apply artwork to substrate. Freehand, handshields, scrape color away, whatever works. My WebPage

favourite artists:
David Bolt, Michael Angelo, Chris Cooper, Dali, Leonardo Davinci. I kind of have an homage to the masters thing going on.
favourite books:
Rich Dad Poor Dad, Art and Physics, Joseph Cambel,
favourite movies:
Fight Club, 40 year old virgin, Pulp Fiction, Over the hedge, 300.
favourite comics:
Never really read them.
favourite music:
Incubus, bjork, Dillinger escape plan, Johnny Cash, Miles Davis, Paul Okenfold, Beastie Boys.... many more
freestyle bmx, rock climbing/repelling.
favourite dishes:
Pot roast, Fajittas, New york steak, Kung pao chicken, tom yum soup.

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