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Szymon Chwalisz
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Szymon ChwaliszBorn August 26, 1986 in Ostrzeszˇw. Here lived and worked for 8 years. In 2002 I participated in the open air painting of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, and from that moment my adventure with art "has assumed a positive color." In subsequent years, participated in competitions, biennials graphics, including Graphic Print Mini Barcelona 2006 - 2009. In 2004, the first author's exhibition of portraits and caricatures of Ostrzeszowskim Cultural Center. In 2007, the author's second exhibition in the Museum. W. naked in Ostrzeszˇw, an exhibition of oil paintings, prints, and paintings in the art airbrush. In 2008, an exhibition at the "Old Town" in Poznan - exhibition of paintings and prints of classical Fri " The palette of the time. In the same year he participated in collective exhibitions in Poland (Kalisz, Ostrzeszˇw, Bielawa, Ostrow Wielkopolski, Kołobrzeg) and abroad (Barcelona, London, Paris, New York). Participated in many competitions, painting and graphics. My works are in private collections, among others in the United States, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the UK. I am a graduate of AMU Faculty of Pedagogy - Art in Kalisz, graduated from the Painting. Airbrush technique I started to paint at the age of 16 years, but only for 6 years, it was my way of life. When I paint mainly motorcycles, and practicing a technique called incessantly. "Free hand" I was able to perform interesting and challenging projects both in Poland and abroad. Over the years I have managed to assemble the necessary equipment - including Iwata airbrush and Paashe, and to extend the position of design and painting. Airbrush Studio website - Szymon Chwalisz

favourite artists:
*Zdzislaw Beksinski
*Salvador Dali
*Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz
*J.W. Baker
*Alberto Promo
*Ralf R-Brush
*Massimo Fogliazza
*Perry Mallet
favourite books:
*Genius Diary - Salvador Dali
*Oscar and Ms. Rose
favourite movies:
*Godfather Trylogy
*Nothing Hill
favourite music:
Ride on motorcycles

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Poland Airbrush - Dark Side Art "Poland Airbrush - Dark Side Art" (Kustom Painting)
with 9 works
Custom Graphix 2007/2009 (PL) "Custom Graphix 2007/2009 (PL)" (Kustom Painting)
with 3 works
New School Custom Airbrush (PL) "New School Custom Airbrush (PL)" (Kustom Painting)
with 5 works
Dark Side Art 2007/2009 II "Dark Side Art 2007/2009 II" (Kustom Painting)
with 5 works
Dark Side Art 2008 /2009 III "Dark Side Art 2008 /2009 III" (Kustom Painting)
with 9 works
Dark Side Art 2010 "Dark Side Art 2010" (Kustom Painting)
with 12 works
Szymon Chwalisz - Airbrush 2010 01 "Szymon Chwalisz - Airbrush 2010 01" (Kustom Painting)
with 19 works
Szymon Chwalisz Airbrush 2011 "Szymon Chwalisz Airbrush 2011" (Kustom Painting)
with 12 works
Szymon Chwalisz - Airbrush 2012 01 "Szymon Chwalisz - Airbrush 2012 01" (Kustom Painting)
with 19 works
Airbrush Art  2012 / 2013 "Airbrush Art 2012 / 2013" (Kustom Painting)
with 11 works
2015 Art by Szymon Chwalisz "2015 Art by Szymon Chwalisz" (Airbrush / Illustration)
with 1 works


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